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How to Use Hashtags on Instagram Story

Anna Collins, Senior Support Specialist

03 May 2021

You spent many hours trying to create and capture the ideal moment for an Instagram story. You might have even gone to extremes to get just the right image or video, and you added some exciting captions, too. With this much effort, you want to make sure that your Instagram story has the most views possible. Instagram Hashtags are your best bet to attract users..  

When Instagram introduced hashtag stickers to their stories, it revolutionized the way people share stories. Users can add hashtag stickers to their stories, just like mentions and locations, which is also a great way to increase Instagram likes and followers. 

Choosing the right hashtags for an Instagram story can be challenging. You must select those that are most relevant. Using the Hashtag Wizard app, you can find the most creative and catchy hashtags for your perfect Insta story. The most advanced hashtag generator, Hashtag Wizard for iPhone can help you grow your Instagram likes, Instagram followers and story views. 

Instagram Stories: How to Use Hashtags

Do hashtags work on Instagram stories? Users often asked this question. There is no doubt that they do. Instagram story’s hashtag feature lets you use its existing hashtags to reach thousands of users with your content. It is possible to use story hashtags in three different ways.

  • Within the text of a story
  • Within the location tag
  • Within a hashtag sticker

If the hashtag is underlined in your story text, you know it is working properly, just like the “mention” feature. 

Use Instagram Hashtags like a pro

How Does a Hashtag Wizard Help in Instagram Stories?

Among the available apps on iOS, Hashtag Wizard provides a set of the hottest Instagram hashtags. Put a keyword in the search bar and let the Hashtag Wizard work its magic. Within a few seconds, you’ll see hundreds of related hashtags on the screen. Moreover, if you don’t have enough time to do the manual search, the Hashtag Wizard will automatically select the most suited tags for you. Using its filtration service, you can easily find hashtags that can help you boost your Instagram growth.

“Finding the best hashtags has never been so easy”