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Best Hashtag practices to follow.

Anna Collins, Senior Support Specialist

22 May 2021

 In this guide we want to explain what are the best rules to follow so that your hashtags have the greatest success possible.

The rules are simple and with the help of our app, it will be even easier not to make mistakes.

1) Use Hashtags specific to your post
Definitely the most important rule to follow, always use hashtags specific to what you are posting. For example, if you’re posting a photo of a beautiful lake, don’t use the hashtag #football.
Try to use all hashtags related to what your image shows and expresses, for example #lake #happiness #summer.
If you don’t have any ideas, here’s our app to help you, try searching for the hashtag #lake for example, you’ll see that the hashtag wizard will suggest you many hashtags that you can then use in your post.

2) Do not always use the same hashtags
Instagram’s algorithms don’t like to see the same hashtags in every post you make. If you always use the same hashtags you will see that your performance after a while will drop, that’s why we suggest to all our users to update their hashtags at least every two days.

3) Use hashtags that do not have too many or too few posts.
Using hashtags that are not used by anyone will not help you because no one will search for those hashtags. Also using hashtags that are used by too many people such as the hashtag #love will not help you, this is because the competition on that hashtag is huge, it means that as soon as you publish a post with a hashtag that has 100 million posts in it, your post will disappear after a few seconds.
Checking this data by hand is very complex and time consuming but luckily our app does all these calculations for you.
We have developed a magic formula called Magic Score, in our app the hashtags are divided into 3 groups Excellent, Good and Ok. Excellent hashtags are certainly the best ones to use, if your search doesn’t show many results that are Excellent, you can also use the Good ones.
Our formula takes into consideration 5 different factors:
1) Amount of Posts
2) How many Posts are being published every hour on that Hashtags
3) How many likes does the hashtag on average get
4) How many comments does the hashtag on average get
5) Historical Data from the Discovery Section of Instagram. 

4) Try to always use 30 Hashtags
You can find many articles online that talk about what is the best number of hashtags to use. Some say 10, some 17, some 30 and so on.  We’ve analyzed thousands of different posts and we can say that using all 30 hashtags is the best thing to do. Every hashtag you use is one more chance to reach more people, so it makes absolutely no sense not to take advantage of this possibility.



Try to always apply these rules and you will see that with good consistency you will definitely get good results.