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How to create a Hashtag Collection

Anna Collins, Senior Support Specialist

23 April 2021

Creating a hashtag collection is very easy. 

Collections are really powerful because they allow you to save different hashtags sets which you can than in a fast way copy and paste on your Instagram Post. 

Once you have selected some hashtags from your searches. 

You click on the bottom right corner of the app.


After you have clicked the button a popup with all your selected hashtags will be displayed. 

If you are on our pro plan, you can now click the “save collection” button, this will open the pop up where you can name your collection. 

You have 2 different choices:

  1. You can create a completely new collection and name it as you like. You also have the possibility to change the colour of the collection card.
  2. You can save the hashtags to an existing collection, please keep in mind that a collection can only contain a maximum of 30 hashtags (the maximum hashtags allowed on any post). 
    To save to an existing collection you just need to click the card of an already created collection. 

After you saved the collection you can find it on the “Save” tab.  

Now you can you open you saved collection by just clicking on it.   

Enjoy the power of hashtags 🙂